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Healing in the new energies of the Photon Belt


It is approximately three years since we passed the Mayan End Calendar date of 21 December 2012. Much has changed within this part of the cosmos in terms of the incoming light of our ascension energies. As the light changes, we are given the opportunity to change our spiritual ‘template’ too. In response, many of us have become more empathic in many spheres of our lives and by definition we feel and understand much more than we previously did. Ironically, this applies to everyone and not just those who consider themselves ‘spiritual’. Even though the spiritual constructs of our existence have widened and deepened, it does not mean we fully acknowledge these changes from a consciously spiritual level. This is all to do with choice and what we eventually allow into our unified field in terms of ‘possibilities’. Nonetheless, these times of spiritual deepening and widening are taking place and gathering much steam. They herald times of quantum jumps in consciousness that for some result in the induction of ‘superhuman’ abilities. These cosmic gifts are appropriate to our awakening states and individually-gifted to our needs. I outline some strategies for healing and shining our light that more effectively align ourselves within these ‘heaven-sent’ energies. Healing for the most part is now easier and quicker when undertaken from a ‘hands on’ approach. Healers who use their hands as energy conduits will fully understand this because they will have noticed their hands being much more ‘energetic’, charged and filled with heat. On the other hand, some healing modalities such as homeopathy or VIBRIONIC (vibrational healing) require a ‘tweak’ to the vibratory signatures of their remedies before giving to patients. This is due to the new energies flooding into our part of the Cosmos re-writing and vibrationally changing our body organs and body signatures. Crucially, the energies that have shaped and moulded our dimensional constructs for thousands of years have changed. What worked in the ‘old energies’ will either not work at all or not work as effectively in the new energies: we are moving into or have transitioned into a new world.


Healing in the Old Energies:

The energies of the planet during the previous 10,000 years have resulted in some very dark deeds inflicted on its populace, including subjugation of whole countries and deliberate manipulation of flora and fauna to the wishes of the landed classes. This has resulted in a materialistic rush to own and control almost everything that lives and breathes within the seas, lands and waters of planet Earth. These energies were fuelled with dark intent and resulted in the power of the feminine to firstly decline and then be swept into the annuls of history. Most of the world’s great religions and the Catholic Church in particular provided a template in which women were marginalised and their old feminine ways of societal leadership weakened. The energies that spawned a logic and rationale for the Spanish Inquisition are the same energies behind today’s assault on natural cures and herbal remedies. These dark, old-age energies ensured the Indigenous of America and Australia were broken and decimated to shatter their relationship with Mother Gaia and its animals. Healers during these times were branded ‘witches’ and hunted to near extinction. Similarly, shamans, leaders and the wisdom-keepers of many indigenous peoples were killed or their societies annihilated once their knowledge had been appropriated.

 Almost everything went underground as wisdom and information were passed down via word of mouth to select tribal members. Knowledge which at one time was commonplace amongst all peoples was shunted to mostly male elders and devolved to a select few. Secrecy and initiation into these and other rituals of life became commonplace and with it certain ways of doing things and thinking were enshrined. It is now time to bring all these sources of information back to the masses. We are at that point of spiritual evolution where nothing should remain hidden nor sequestered by the few. The ways of the Ancients need to get out into the new Human Collective Consciousness. We are now ready to accept these gifts and to work with them to everyone’s benefit. Credo Mutwa, a Zulu shaman, knowledge-keeper and elder from South Africa is doing just that. In spite of hostility from his tribe and clan he is determined to get these knowledge streams ‘out there’.

Healing in the New Energies:

When the eagle and the condor fly together, there will be balance between the masculine and the feminine, the 5th World will be born

The Mayans knew we would paint our world onto a brand new canvas once we reached their end date without blowing ourselves up. That is why there is no Mayan prophecy beyond this date. It is the collective consciousness of humankind that will determine the pace of change and the ‘nuts and bolts’ of our collective experiences from now on. We now sail in a part of the Cosmos we have never travelled in before. We are line-of-sight to our Great Central Sun which is flooding us via the solar stream of our Sun with spiritual goodies from the photon belt. The magnetics of the planet have changed, which in turn has enabled portions of our DNA to be released or activated to a much higher potential. Some of us have awakened to new vistas of awareness of consciousness and are in service to the rest of humanity. Those who seek the mysteries within themselves and of Life now have access to authentic sources of information with no need of gurus or shamans – ask and it shall be given. It is within the brilliant light of the Human Collective Consciousness that only now can we see stuff that has been hidden for many, many years. Too clearly, we now understand that much of public life, its institutions, commerce and industry are totally corrupt. In time they will all be swept away because the only thing that keeps these dark practices in place is our compliance to their commands. The good news is that in the very near future, the value systems of these groupings and institutions will be forced to change. There is absolutely no way they will be able to carry on business in the ways they have traditionally done. In the meantime and whilst the rest of the world slowly and exquisitely morphs into much lighter versions of Itself, I list some things you can think about accommodating within your healing routine and spiritual practice for even more effective healing:

1. Healers, there is no need for you to take onboard any of the symptoms or fatigue of the individuals you are healing.

2. Healers, remember you are but a conduit for the divine flows of healing. Accept this and step aside to aid the flow of love and light from the Creative Cosmic Centre to the individuals you choose to heal.

3. Healers and lightworkers, you must ask the consent of the Higher Self of the person you are treating or counselling. The Higher Self will tell you whether or not it is appropriate. Some people incarnate into being purely for the experience of ‘testing the energies’ of a particular disease and its effects on both ourselves and loved ones.

4. Healers and lightworkers there is no need to invoke ‘protection meditations’ prior to doing your stuff. That was necessary in an old energy construct but the new energies bring with them a shift in bias from the dark towards the light. We are much more powerful than we believe. Ironically, this is so in spite of the increasingly dark deeds and scenarios spewing out of the mouths of the New World Order-controlled state media and institutions. Do not buy into any of that because it is designed to induce and ferment fear throughout our psyches. Please understand that our fears are foods for those who lurk within the lower fourth dimensions. These lower fourth dimensional entities control much of the banking, military, educational, religious and political groupings across the globe. Their time has gone, yet, they still attempt to cling to their old ways borne from within the old, dark energies. Light penetrates the darkness and in doing so, uncovers much that was previously hidden - that is the simple physics of Love.

5. Crucially, understand there is now a much improved and more solid connection between our 3 dimensional self and Higher Self. This is in recognition of where we have just come from to where we are all going i.e. fifth dimensional consciousness and beyond. We are moving into light-being status.

6. Please listen to the quiet voice within or your first thought because it is delivered from a sacred place of love and connectedness. Note that our DNA is now in transition and within these new quantum configurations of ‘divine connections’ the old ways of healing may not work at all. Homeopaths must have noticed this within the past 5 years of their practice because many, if not all of the children born recently, came into being with a higher quotient of consciousness intelligence. Simply put, their DNA is wired up differently to the rest of us and as a consequence, the old homeopathic remedies no longer worked as effectively, if at all.

We all have the power to heal yet its expression is different between individuals

Part of our human-ness is to reduce complexity within our lives because, whilst awake, our subconscious faculty centres record everything we see, hear, touch or smell. We need to tweak our ‘autopilot’ so that we begin to re-experience the everyday as anything but. In time, we will see the extra-ordinary in the ordinary. This will be made possible through an acute awareness of the power of intuition which is accessed through the doorway of trust. It is time to let go of all software survival programmes. They were useful in the old energy but get in the way of the new energies: a total re-boot of our consciousness is just around the next corner.

Increase your awareness of consciousness by focusing on your Third Eye, allow its fruits to move through your heart-space and finally bring it to the present moment of Now from within your brain. We need to flex and tone our ‘spiritual muscles’ from time to time and this will be even more important as we progress deeper into the Photon Belt. These celestial gifts of ascension were brought to us, by us, through us, for us. These new energies herald our light being status and we just need to claim it. I re-iterate, we are of the Family of Light and Light is nothing more than information. Information is the key to destroy systems that have had their time. Before the new can come in, the old must go. In shining our light we ‘dream’ and create a new solar system that is fair, just and seeded with Light. That is our job, it is what we came here to do and it is what we are known for, we are systems-busters and new-world Creators. Healing is just one aspect of our awakening states, yet it shines a bright light on the inadequacies of the current medical and scientific models of the body – these paradigms must be smashed and they must go. Frequency healing is the only way to go because everything in this universe is frequency, energy and vibration.

Namaste, Ellis

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