All the answers lie within Part I

All the answers lie within Part I

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It’s All within and All about the DNA

its all about tthe dna

I have a great respect for Russian Science and their scientists. I met a few whilst doing some work on Chernobyl hot particles and they really are down to earth. It seems that they are able to think about and formulate ‘hard’ science in conjunction with the spiritual i.e. the ‘fluffy’ stuff. Besides the tekkie and science stuff, they acknowledge that our consciousness has a role to play in any experimental outcome and of course, they are busy trying to quantify it or nullify its effects in their scientific endeavours!! I guess that’s scientists for you, (see following article). Much of the spiritual/hard science on DNA is coming out of this country and it is light years ahead of western scientists whom the majority still think that ‘junk’ DNA is just that, ‘junk’. As per usual I will outline the ‘fluffy’ bits of DNA and this will be followed by a few articles to put the whole thing into perspective. The DNA changes that I am talking about cannot be quantified in a laboratory directly because these changes /mutations are taking place within our etheric bodies. Put simply, our DNA is changing, mutating or in the process of a ‘cosmic upgrade’ and related directly to the space/times we are in i.e. the relative position of the Earth in relation to the centre of our Milky Way.

Pat Cori’s channelled Sirian High Council trilogy of books deals in some detail on the changes that are now (over the last 20 – 30 years or so) taking place within our biology. She argues that following intent (lightwork focus) and internal clearing (clearing up and acceptance of our internal stuff) that the third strand of DNA is made possible. Following triangulation of our DNA we become more open to the gifts of Creation i.e. we see our world in a new ‘light’ and act accordingly. Eventually we reach our true 12-stranded Merkaba lightbody. In other words our biological template is changing so that we are able to accept and use more light. This is easier to feel than to see and in the presence of some people, there is something about them that is not definable: they are different. They have ‘shifted’ frequency to a higher octave and they are all the same yet individually different. This really is the time in setting your intent and from that will flow choices, choices and more choices. I view this time as expansion or contraction. We either open to the natural flow of what’s occurring in our lives or we try and stop these changes happening. One path leads to an expansion of consciousness and the other leads to much of the same of what has already occurred in your life. Either way I feel, these are very special times to experience cosmic jumps or cosmic bumps.

Kryon calls these times as the time in which the potentials to develop into the ‘New Humans’ are at their greatest, particularly the children i.e. Indigoes etc. and that these ‘new kids on the block’ are beginning to growup and ‘showup’ in our streets, offices, political machineries across the globe and other everyday places in greater and greater numbers. With them comes a new way of thinking about old problems with ‘out of the box’ solutions to our most pressing problems, namely that our societal processes and how we do stuff are in need of radical and major changes. The Annunuki and their underlings know this, hence the young people have been targetted with vaccines, direct state intervention by social services, education etc. to try and shut them down spiritually or shut them up. Look into the eyes of a new-born baby or observe a group of teenagers and you will notice something very different about them. They too, will ‘silently’ acknowledge your presence too. The Kryon Collective came to this planet in 1992 to shift the magnetics of the planet in order that the present-day changes to our DNA are made possible. That job has now been completed and we now sit in a radically new magnetic ‘space’. This is really interesting because it implies that our DNA responds and can be modulated via our planet’s geophysical properties. This makes sense because in essence our body template if you like is electromagnetic in character which is why living under electricity pylons, sitting in front of computers, watching TV etc. can alter our moods, create dis-ease and a myriad other effects. Stressing the positive, if changes in our Eath’s magnetic and other properties can alter our etheric/spiritual physical being, it is common sense that the magnetics of the planet can open us up to more of our potential, particularly as we are also in parallel, spiralling so quickly into the New Energies from our Central Sun.

All of my life I have felt that the education system has taught us a manufactured reality, particularly in relation to Science. In school I hated physics because I knew it was wrong but got frustrated because I could not satisfactorily envisage or explain an alternative model to myself. Now I understand the reasons why we were led along the wrong path, it was to divert us from understanding the true nature and identity of the Cosmos itself (including ourselves) and how it was all exquisitively and geometrically put together.

Even though we think we know a lot about electricity, magnetism and gravity, there is still much to understand about these key parameters of Life, particularly when they all come together and how they interact.  Thankfully, it is all changing now and we are slowly heading towards a unified theory of how things really work. When we do and its fully accepted as a proper basis for exploring our outer world, many of the gadgets and infrastructure we currently use will fold over night because the new ways of doing things will involve, non-polluting sources of energy. I am thinking here specifically of reducing our dependence on items that pollute our electromagnetic makeup i.e. mobile phones and the like and the use of anti-gravity for transport and better ways of working with our natural resources in generating power i.e. wind and wave power. It will all change including the ways in which we produce food and how we dispose of our wastes.

These are also interesting times in that Science itself is starting to explore DNA or should I say, those areas of our DNA that have been largely ignored, the 90% of so-called junk DNA with some surprising results.Essentially, our DNA is much much more than we ever thought it was and when we finally plug ourselves back into full 12 stranded DNA consciousness, well, I guess its time to hang onto our cotton socks. Nothing will ever be the same again!!

Three stranded DNA

3 stranded dna