me. me, me!!

All about me:

I invite you to look back at all the significant events that happened in your life because they shaped who you are right here, right now. There is nothing in your life that happened by accident, coincidence or chance – absolutely nothing. Everything  plays itself out perfectly and at the appropriate time, people, places and circumstances will appear out of nowhere to ensure you experience exactly what you wanted to experience. This is an awesome setup to experience oneself. There is also nothing to do other than what you are doing, there is no expectation, no finish line, no certificate, no pat on the back – everything is perfect and everything was orchestrated by you, for you and  received thru you. Whether you accept all of that is up to you. It may take 1000 lifetimes or 1000 seconds of one incarnation to realise that in spite of all the heavenly orchestrations within your life, you still exercise choice in what you experience – life is choice in every single moment. No-one can really tell you what to choose, its all you and no-one else.

I represent the experience, ‘setbacks and spiritual wisdom of a thousand lifetimes. I am slowly bringing all of this to the forefront of my consciousness. I am currently building a bridge between my celestial, cosmic and star-seeded self to my present incarnation here in 3D – these are awesome times in which to be alive. They are physically, emotionally and spiritually challenging. I realised many years ago that there is absolutely nothing to learn and much to remember. Our life and consciousness within these 3D constructs represent a journey Home studded with ahah and spiritually enlightened moments.

In summary, all about me is also all about you, we are both One yet uniquely different because we experience life according to what we believe to be true in this instant.

What more need I say?



We are all Buddha