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The Energies of Positive Affirmations, Intent & Colour Therapy

Positive affirmations, honed through our pure intent and said out aloud, carry great creative energies. In fact, everything we say, hear or do has cosmic energy simply because we are energetic beings of Light. The energy of the Cosmos (sometimes called aether) is all possibilities and awaits our conscious bidding. Creative energies from the heart of the Cosmos give us exactly what we ask for, or think about. How many times have you had negative thoughts about the outcomes of certain situations and proven yourself right? In this way, we create our own realities, good, bad, glorious or ugly. Each thought and word signals to the Universe how we feel about ourselves and others. It is therefore good spiritual sense to be conscious about what we say, what we do and most importantly, the intent behind our conscious thoughts. Creative energies from the Cosmos are neutral, they simply obey our commands or desires. These command and desires arise from our Intent about a particular situation or event.

Effective affirmations comprise two distinct parts and the first part e.g. 'I-Am' contains almost all of the creative energies of the Universe. The second part of the affirmation is the ‘descriptor’ part i.e. 'beautiful' which is a statement of our Conscious Intent. Effective and positive affirmations do not rely on repetition, learned behaviours or habit. Their power lies in how we consciously shape and mould the energies of the Cosmos to produce that which we want to experience. In that sense we are maestros of frequencies and we create effortlessly the good, the bad and the ugly, either consciously or subconsciously.

One example of a positive affirmation is “I am beautiful”. The “I-Am” part of the affirmation contains the most power because it affirms or states who we are i.e. Pure Consciousness. The second part of the affirmation tells the Universe what we would like to create within that particular moment. Instead of saying or thinking, “I am old, tired and washed up” try saying out loud, “I-Am beautiful and wake up each day to be the grandest version of the greatest vision I ever held about myself”. Language is very important and your affirmation has to be phrased in such a way to that you are already there. Try not to use words such as 'trying to be', 'hoping for', 'I would like', these types of affirmations are not the sorts of experiences you really want to experience. Affirmations are designed to provide a ritual of consciousness in which you can quickly be clear about what you would like to manifest or create. Also remember that the Universe knows who you are and the experiences you must experience, it knows all about you because the Universe is You i.e. your Higher Self. We become even more powerful and creative when we combine the energies of positive affirmations within the energies of colours.

Colour Therapy

We interpret the world through symbols and imagery. That is why a painting is worth a thousand words. Each colour of the rainbow has a different energy and we ourselves carry certain colours within our aura that correspond to our mood. He was “red with rage” and she was “green with envy” reflect how certain colours imbue certain types of energies within our consciousness. That is why each body chakra has a different colour to its neighbour and also explains why certain colours e.g. white, purple and indigo colours are favoured by religious and spiritual orders. Different colours provide an energetic ‘canvas’ in which to play within and live out our lives. For example, one segment of our youth culture is known as ‘Goths’ and black is their signature colour, including makeup and accessories. There is much mysticism in the colour black because it is mysterious and invites us back into the ‘womb of creation’. The colour black also reminds us of the unknown or that which we know, we do not know.

I like to think of ‘colour therapy’ simply as ‘colour potentials’. We can wear clothes of a certain colour to match our mood or to set the tone of our mood. Try this to guarantee a massive difference in how you think about yourself: go for a power walk or jog and exercise your body so that you are forced to take in mouthfuls of air. In this way, you really do oxygenate your physical body. Immediately after this exercise (forget your shower), wear white loose-fitting clothes, simply meditate and if possible, ensure your back is straight up or perpendicular to the ground. Try it and see what happens!!

The Universe is a benevolent and loving system. It is only by remembering some of its loving attributes can we consciously create that which we need to experience. Positive affirmations guided by our pure intent can be effortlessly splashed onto the canvas of life – the creative energies of the Universe. In doing so, we are able to produce experiences that symbolise that everything in our lives is brought to us, by us, for us. We are the ‘driver’ of all that we experience and there is nothing in our life that appears by accident or through faulty design. The affirmation, “I-Am” is a beautiful statement in itself. You breathe life into Life when you tone the ‘descriptor’ i.e. 'beautiful' because that bit is all about you, what you are about, and what you would like to create in that particular moment.

The take-home message in all of this is very simple: (1) we are much more powerful than we think we are or have been led to believe and (2) before we consciously create, we must give permission for it to happen. Without that statement of pure intent that the Universe needs to feel and also to hear, our lives can easily be shaped by our subconscious fears. Thus, we feel victim to whatever Life throws at us. That path leads to powerlessness and negativity. To be a driver or be driven by our experiences in Life is the quintessential attribute of the modern human being, it is all down to choice. Who you choose to be in every moment of every day of your Life determines everything you experience. Thought or intent always precedes experience and it is never the other way round.


In loving memory of and dedicated to Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Putapparthi, India




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