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Subliminal advertising, Adidas, Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean

What are subliminal adverts? They are covertly embedded images or ‘messages’ that ‘speak’ to the subconscious and not to the conscious mind. Subliminal adverts are used as tools of persuasion by our media manipulators. They are embedded in advertising material for a variety of reasons, usually to stimulate consumption, alter our moods, and enhance negative associations and lots of other stuff we are not even aware of. Before I launch into this however, I would also like to point out that we ‘react’ to images and symbols in a powerful way and our media persuaders know how to use this fact to their advantage. In other words, depending on the intended effect, specific words or images can trigger unconscious thought which may lead to subsequent action. My intention here is to help make you aware of what is placed before you and that you ask yourself why? I present some examples of subliminal adverts for you to chew over, show you how to look for these things, give some links to a few excellent sites on the techniques of ‘embeds’ and best of all, once you are aware of the game being played, you can see ‘it’ and hence, see through it.

I also welcome any examples of subliminal adverts you find so that I can expose this to a wider audience and if you want to write your own piece to accompany your examples, feel free to send them in, so that I can update this section of the website on a frequent basis.

If you can accept the idea that we have a subconscious and conscious mind and that the subconscious mind misses nothing, it is at this level that our media persuaders target their advertising materials.

The subconscious mind sees all and interprets everything it ‘sees’ as it happens. We do not ‘see’ through our eyes and ultimately, the brain processes streams of energy or wave patterns prior to us making sense of what we think we are ‘seeing’ i.e. our ‘reality’. As the brain is the site of image-processing or reality vision based on how we perceive the world from a cultural basis, it is not too illogical to assume that subliminal adverts can also be made to target specific groups and classes of people within society. In other words, we interpret the world according to what we think we know and what we have experienced, i.e. we respond to embedded stimuli as we do to other societal messages as socialised beings. By this I mean that depending on our social class, age or ‘race’ (which is a big misnomer) we respond to images or words in predictable ways. Some embedded words are almost universal e.g. ‘sex’ but others can only be triggered if they have specific cultural meaning to particular groups. These words and images are usually taboo, e.g. fuck, die, nigger or whatever social descriptor is chosen. Other embeds may imprint the word, consume, work hard, etc. etc. A fuller description of this process can be found in David Icke’s excellent new book ‘Tales from the Time Loop’ (2003), Bridge of Love Publications.

How to look for subliminal advertising and other manipulations:

First off, get hold of a glossy magazine, make yourself comfortable and 'skim' adverts. Do this quickly e.g. spend no more than 1 - 2 seconds per page and do not purposely look for anything other than what you can see. Think about what you have just seen and go back to one advert that caught your eye and look again. What caught your attention? Was it how your eyes were led from one part of the page to the other? Did you wonder about all the dark shadowy stuff that is peripheral to the products being advertised, was your attention drawn to the face or bodies of the models? Did you spot unusual grammar that particularly caught your attention? Was the advert slightly suggestive, hinting of societal taboos? Did you notice something about how the model was standing/sitting? Did you notice that something was not quite 'right' but you had problems identifying it? These are just some of the techniques that are used by our media manipulators to get the message across at a number of different levels and in a number of different ways. Some of these adverts are extremely sophisticated, polished and subtle.

Secondly, arm yourself with a big magnifying glass, put the magazine on a flat surface, relax your eyes, ease your expectations and re-examine those adverts which particlarly caught your attention. This is not an easy exercise to do and it does take some time to get going but you must remember that much of the advertising material that is put before is meant to engage at the level of the subconscious mind. Enough waffle, check out the stuff below. I include a few images on the use of skulls and demons for those hard drinkers of scotch whiskey plus more. If you find something interesting, particularly recent stuff, send it in (email) so that I can expose the tricks of the media manipulators more widely.

During July 16 - 18 July we attended a DNA activation workshop that was hosted by Patricia Cori. One of the exercises we did (a class of about 40 students)was to look at adverts for hidden messages. Pat Cori has this amazing capacity to almost instantly 'de-cipher' advertising material for embeds and other hidden messages. One thing she did say was that she has noticed a shift in emphasis in the embeds. There appears to be more 'alien' faces, features that are hidden in the artwork and images and that in a way, we are being prepared for the apearance of an alien force in the not-too distant future. Other messages that are hidden in the artwork relate to the symbolism of the black arts and black magic. Thirdly, she has also noticed that many of the models used by the advertsing industry appear to anhydrogenous i.e. they are neither male nor female and that in some instances, males are being used to sell 'female' stuff.

The following images, embeds, hidden messages were all found in a copy of VOGUE (August) 2004 bought in London. There are some amazing examples of what is out there. Take a look and see what you think. Up to 5% of people exposed to these tricks of the media-manipulation trade are able to process these messages instantly and see them without any bother at all. The remaining 95% (me included) have to work hard and learn this art, one step at a time. I often wonder, why we lead such an 'Alice in Wonderland' experience for some groups within society to resort to such lengths but they do and we need to be aware of whats going on.

The image below is for Dior and there are so many embedded messages in this one image that I detail, only the most 'blatant'. Of great interest are the two 'Alien' embeds which I point out below. Please note that this and a second image are now being shown in many different 'carriers' e.g. I have seen them on bill boards and even on local London taxis. The second image similar to this will be be similarly de-constructed for its covert embeds at a later date.

Image 1

The first thing I would like to point out is the symbol of the pentagram (image 2) which is a 5 pointed star on her left wrist. This image is blown up below. Whether you believe in the symbolism of the dark arts or not, it is there with a whole lot of other black magic stuff. The shadow on the left hand (pelvic area recreates the symbol of the goat, often symbolised by people like Bill Clinton and george Bush i.e. the little finger and the thumb raised up in the shape of a head with horns.

Image 2


The third image is amazingly simple to re-create but you need to view it upside down and its all to do with sexual taboos. Check it out below. The image below (image 3) is a blow-up of the model's arm from the first image. Notice the shading on the arm, especially the crack shape. So what, turn the image upside down and you can see..........a perfectly shaped bum (image 3). Why? Its yet another taboo thing that is included in the image in a subliminal context that is completely out of sight at a conscious level.

Image 3


Image 3

'Elbow' from model turned upside down. It is definitely a bum and the 'crack' shading is not naturally present. Do the same thing with your own arm and you will only see one line as you bend your elbow

Alien Stuff- The next image is very strange. Look at the shape of the neck and see whether you think it looks a bit convulted and slightly pulled out of shape, sort of elongated. Notice the dark shading either side of the neck which should not naturally be there?

Image 4

I highlight the bit I am talking about below. Can you see what's going on? Check out the next image and its very scary.

Image 5


Just look at the bits inside the neck and you will see a slightly distorted alien-looking face with compound eyes. Check out the next image to see the embed of the Alien face - that of a Grey

Image 6

The next image is that of a Grey so you can compare

Image 7


The next image is also a strange one and it concerns the middle of the breasts which has a dark patch blurred in where a naturally fine curve is normally seen. Secondly, check out the two reptilian-looking eyes highlighted by the two white rings.

Image 8

Its all very cleverly done and it does appear as if the messages within some of these images are changing and may be preparing us for something. I wonder what that something could be.

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