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Remembrance Workshop 6: Taking our Power Back and the Nature of Our Reality

This workshop is all about Taking Our Power Back, but what does this mean and what are its implications? The first five workshops have largely dealt with some aspects of our Magnificent Selves and how we are all inter-related and interconnected to a much, much bigger Reality outside of our 3D selves. Essentially, we (our 3D body) connects into our HIgher Self, thence back to and into the All of It All.

Pat Cori's book, Cosmos of Soul, channelled wisdom of the Sirian High Council details the shenanigans and interference to our DNA whilst we were literally in the womb prior to being birthed by other star races many thousands of years ago. From magnificent 12 stranded conscious beings our DNA was manipulated or downgraded to just the conscious use of 2 strands. This closed us down spiritually or vibrationally to function as little more than a physical body. Following the re-organisation of our DNA, our resulting vibrational construct or form allowed us to access just a small portion of Reality. Vibrationally however, times are a-changing and we are on the cusp of potentially, re-claiming the use of 3, 6, 9 or 12 strands of original DNA. Yep, its the time of 'onward and upward'. The whole point of these times is to recognise who we really are and to re-write our consciousness software to include bigger vistas of what we can do in terms of fully integrating ourselves back into the family of Cosmos - whilst still in 3D form.

I now see all over the Internet chat forums and blogs that the establishment of dark t-shirts, reptilian hybrids and government/media mouthpieces are talking about the mass awakening of 'ordinary' people to what's going on. I would go further and say that the mass awakening from our limited 3D, 2-stranded consciousness is exploding exponentially and people, ordinary people are waking up to either, (a) the true magnificence of themselves or (b) finally seeing behind the thin veneer of 'respectability' that hides the lies and deceit of many of our major social, cultural, economic and military institutions. Many facets of our society are pure illusion, fantasy and as unreal as unreal can be. The dark t-shirts are frantically trying to reign in 'what's going on' in the world but they cannot because all the various strands of their centuries-old DNA-programmed, social, educational, cultural and economic strands are acting chaotically and by definition, chaotic systems are impossible to control.


The first step in taking our power back is to grapple head-on, the concept of 'fear' and how it has been used by the dark t-shirts and ourselves to exert control and influence what we think as 'free will'. There is also a difference between fear and caution. Fear closes you down to multiple realities of 'what ifs'. It is however, wise to be cautious, to weigh up the situation and to choose your realities with optimism and trust. The unknowing is usually sown with good intent and has a silver lining.

Fear has allowed the dark forces behind the American presidencies to wage a 'war on terror', with the consent of the majority of its electorate, regardless of democrat or republican figureheads. Fear has allowed the peoples of the UK to be controlled by the dark forces behind the two major political parties to such an extent that today, these peoples are the most heavily taxed nation in the world with the highest percentage of CCTV cameras anywhere in the world. Fear has allowed the dark forces behind the leaders of Israel to commit crimes against humanity as it is allowed to systematically 'ethnically cleanse the Palestinians out of existence. Fear of not having enough money or this or that motivates billions of people across the globe to work until they drop. Fear of what other people think of us or our actions stifles full and free expression and imprisons creativity and imagination. Fear is a prison with no bars and its ultimate outcome is separation from yourself and the Cosmos of Possibilities. In fear, you hand over responsibility for your life to someone else. You become the passenger not the driver of your Life experiences.  At a higher level of our consciousness, fear is also a part of us. We create our own realities and we use the concept of fear to fire us up in making choices within life e.g. to either feel the fear and do it anyway or to allow fear to close us down to multiple possibilities. Fear is a necessary component of duality and a test of energies. The antithesis of fear is joy and its our choice in deciding what to do with it.

You take your power back when you accept responsibility for everything that happens in your life and when you do, you ask yourself the simple question; 'what is Life asking of me at this moment'. You also change the possibilities within Life for those people around you because by not going into fear, you raise your vibrational lightbody and the 'herd' recognise and feel this change in you. They also want to understand why you are the way you are and why nothing ever 'sticks' to you (Kryon). Even within this scenario, there will be some who will see you as 'dangerous' label you as 'doesn't live on this planet' or are even more scared of Life itself because they are unable to understand the multitude vibrational essences within Life and consciously choose that to which they are accustomed to i.e. the lower vibrational state of fear.

On a 3D level, fear is part and parcel of the armoury used by the dark t-shirts to control us. They have vast finances and influential hybrid reptilian people and organisations consciously orchestrating the vibration of fear within our lives. A must-read is a couple of David icke's books to get the general picture e.g. Tales from the Time Loop or The Biggest Secret. It is clear from Icke's amazingly well documented research that the essence of Life for most people today has been orchestrated by the unseen controllers of the dark t-shirt figureheads to inculcate a permanent illusion of fear into the people for many centuries. Fear equals control and ironically, the dark t-shirts are now unable to live without us. They have become accustomed to feeding off us on so many different levels

Alas, all is not lost, in spite of these machinations of social control, people are waking up, Gaia herself is shifting her consciousness to higher realms and the light from the centre of our Milky Way is becoming stronger and stronger by the day. What this means in every day terms is that the self-imposed thin veil in which we have lived our lives is beginning to lift and we are as a species, beginning to connect the dots and see who the dark controllers really are. There are many gifts now available to us to raise our vibrations in order for us to make very clear choices on what sort of 'person' we are and the type of world we wish to live in. The vibrational rate of the planet, galaxy and all that live on and within it is being raised and in doing so, exposing much of the lies and deceit to which we have unwittingly acceded to. This higher vibrational symphony is also affecting the dark t-shirts and their minions. Currently, these new energies coursing their way through the galaxy are vibrationally overloading the dark t-shirts to such an extent that they are acting in very strange, nay mad ways. Thai police and militia are firing on and killing a high number of political protesters, the Jamaican police and militia are firing on and killing many of their citizens as they supposedly attempt to arrest a modern day Robin Hood. South and North Korea are very close to firing on each other and the situation in the Middle East is chaotic to say the least with Israeli leaders killing, bombing and bulldozing Palestinians off their land.

The media's role in all of this is carefully orchestrated to raise fear on outcomes, selectively report effects and not dwell on specific causes and generally to not connect any dots and to report all these events as specific events with no real rhyme nor reason on their occurrence. They also ridicule those with an alternative view or propagate news stories in such a way that most viewers become completely confused on cause/effect and resolution. I illustrate these effects on how the media (FoxNews) reported /socially propagated the bad news inherent within the use of so-called 'green lightbulbs' and contrast that with a member of the public who calmly states the facts on the use of these bulbs on our health and the environment. Below these videos is a video on cause/effect of how the stock market really operates. These videos are presented here not to frighten but to offer an alternative voice of interpretation. The choice on how you interpret these events is your concern and yours alone. In fact, I am not interested in changing people's minds on anything. This is just my interpretation of events and accept that people believe in what they believe in for all sorts of personal reasons. Finally, I finish with a video link (53 minutes duration) on a documentary on the Kogi from 1990. They know what is happening and why and offer us an alternative approach in how we can live in harmony with all things once we understand how fear shapes and manipulates our perceptions and visions of truth.

Link to the Kogi documentary



Background info on the Kogi who are descendents of the High Priests of Atlantis - click here


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